Plan Bleu


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Plan Bleu will primarily engage with WaterLANDS by identifying policy and governance conditions that contribute to the successful development and implementation of wetland and ecosystem restoration. By mapping key policies for wetland restoration, Plan Bleu will assess the governance challenges and policy gaps that exist at each Action Site. To capitalise on knowledge and lessons learned from the restoration activities, Plan Bleu will produce an advocacy paper for decision-makers and will lead liaison activities to foster the upscaling of results. Plan Bleu will also contribute to communication and dissemination activities by co-leading on policy engagement. Their policy advocacy work will include the organisation of events and webinars during key international conferences, the production of tailor-made material to influence policy-makers and the co-organisation of the final WaterLANDS event with UCD.




Aligning Governance

Communication, Dissemination, Knowledge Management, and Exploitation of Results