Wetlands International

The Netherlands

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Wetlands International (WI) will lead the project in developing best practice approaches to wetland restoration. As part of this role, WI will develop a scalable framework that can be adapted to diverse areas. The framework will be based on multidisciplinary input from other partners and will build on practical expertise gained from large-scale projects. Engaging communities, locating viable funding and developing business models will be central to the upscaling of restoration. WI will also address knowledge access and exchange by facilitating cooperation between partners at project level as well as at the Action Sites. As an NGO, WI is driven by achieving practical results. The proposed framework for co-creation will be incorporated and tested at the Action Sites and replication of the project results will be achieved through strategic on-the ground training. WI will facilitate global South-North knowledge transfer, particularly focused on community-based actions and business models supporting peatland restoration, through cooperation with their network offices around the globe. Additionally, WI will provide technical expertise in wetland restoration, in influencing European policy development and in outreach on regional, national and international scales.

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