Judith Fisher

Director and Principal Socio-ecologist at Fisher Research Pty Ltd, Associate Professor UWA


Judy is a Director and Principal Socio-ecologist of Fisher Research Pty Ltd, and consults with organisations in Australia, Asia, UK and Europe, and is an Adjunct Associate Professor with the UWA Institute of Agriculture, and with Curtin University.Judy works with Local governments, farmers and indigenous peoples in Western Australia to maintain, protect, restore and preserve biodiverse places across the State of Western Australia. Judy has Co Chaired the Evaluation Committee, with a focus on Policy and Management for two Biodiversa+ Research calls. Judy has a strong interest in the Science Policy interface and its implementation, and works in numerous projects to advance that cause.

Judy feels privileged to have been elected to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Multidisciplinary Expert Panel https://ipbes.net/multidisciplinary-expert-panel, composed of 5 representatives from each United Nations Region. IPBES is the intergovernmental body, which assesses the state of biodiversity and its interactions with society https://ipbes.net/. IPBES is hugely influential globally and is setting direction for the protection and conservation of the planet’s biodiversity and is the sister organisation to the Intergovernmental Platform for Climate Change (IPCC). Judy has been a Co-ordinating Lead Author for the IPBES Global Assessment on Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment and a Lead Author for the IPBES Assessment on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services in Asia and the Pacific, with a particular interest in Values and Culture.

Judy is currently finalising an evidence based methodology to measure the ecological and economic effectiveness of restoration in relation to biodiversity. These metrics will enable those who implement them, particularly the farming community, to claim Biodiversity Credits for the effective management and restoration of their Biodiversity.