LIFE IP Wild Atlantic Nature


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The National Parks and Wildlife Service (through the LIFE IP Wild Atlantic Nature) will engage with WaterLANDS primarily by coordinating the Cuilcagh-Anierin Uplands Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Action Site. They will also contribute their valuable knowledge of community engagement, technical restoration and expertise on payments for ecosystem services, in the form of Results-based Agri-environment Payments (RBPAS). As such, the NPWS will contribute at various stages to work on restoration, restoration management, community engagement, policy advocacy and assessment of financial opportunities. Through their Action Site, the NPWS will feed into, and benefit from, the new forms of best practice created by the project and the communication and outreach activities.

Restoring Services

Engaging Communities

Aligning Governance

Mobilising Finance

Co-creating Best Practice

Restoration Management

Communication, Dissemination, Knowledge Management, and Exploitation of Results