Steering Committee

This Steering Committee will consist of a single representative from all Work Package (WP) lead partners, the WaterLANDS Project Coordinator and the Deputy Coordinator. Each member is given one vote each in decision making for all project issues and will guide the dissemination of results that arise from the project. The Steering Committee will meet once every three months, alternating between teleconference and in-person meetings. The latter will be coordinated with the annual WaterLANDS meeting.

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    Juul Limpens, Wageningen University - WP1

  • image-7bb92904063203e62a52b95d3c7822046f83f8bf-635x763-jpg

    Milena Holmgren, Wageningen University - WP1

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    James Cosier, Prospex Institute - WP2

  • image-3fd67f46eacf1b2262d9f686acc84e6e07868405-482x544-jpg

    Niall Ó Brolcháin, National University of Ireland, Galway - WP3

  • image-f86599256a16537151cda7792222e028c55e066d-2435x3149-jpg

    Paul Chatterton, Landscape Finance Lab - WP4

  • image-5432b5dcd7d649fb7ca1159211ac0db3b58a1f0f-318x321-png

    Hans Schutten, Wetlands International - WP5

  • image-a4a87ca31dbeaa674ba4a10cf736f0637e1eda5e-2848x4256-jpg

    Craig Bullock, University College Dublin - WP6, WP8

  • image-89d30d0a6a157f8b8bc18928979255b1ff47e2d4-2215x3137-jpg

    Shane Mc Guinness, University College Dublin - WP6, WP8

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    Rebecca Doyle, ERINN Innovation - WP7