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We are here Venice (WahV) is coordinating work in the Venice Lagoon, both as a Knowledge and Action Site. As such, WahV engages with local communities, designs and plans awareness raising activities, produces supporting information, and works in other ways to reinforce connections between local stakeholders. Indeed, WahV already has extensive experience in collaborating with universities, businesses, cultural institutions and public authorities, enabling lasting impacts of the project.

Through management of the restoration works as an Action Site, WahV activities will be based on knowledge from past experiences in the Venetian Lagoon, information exchange with project partners and rigorous research with the intention to bring concrete economic, physical and ecological change in the lagoon, thus demonstrating the benefits of saltmarshes. WahV endeavours to maintain links with policy makers so that recommendations for a more sustainable management of the lagoon in the long term can be appropriately formulated and directly implemented, also through innovative financial and economic schemes for private-public partnerships.


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