Photograph by Kriso K Photography: Cyclists coming over the hill at the 11th Bike and Run for Chepan event.

The 11th edition of Bike and Run for Chepan was held on October 15th, 2022 and attracted almost 600 bikers and runners. Offering mountain running and mountain biking competitions, the annual sports competition promotes the recreational and conservation value of the Dragoman Marsh and enables more people to discover the variety of bird species that inhabit the wetland.

The event is a great example of collaboration between businesses, institutions, and the civil sector working together for the environment.

This year's competition included five events: a 12-km run, a 23-km run or 44 km cycle, a 30 km cycle, a 23+23-km running and cycling duathlon, and a 44 km cycle. The events were based around the Dragoman town centre, the Dragoman Marsh, and Petrov Cross Peak.

Also included was a Mini Bike and Run event, which allowed children to compete in three events - running, cycling and riding a kick scooter.

This year, the proceeds from the Bike and Run for Chepan event were donated to a campaign to preserve Bulgaria's centenarian trees, and to support the Durankulak Birdringing Camp, an initiative which researches and protects local birds.