WaterLANDS is a 5-year EU Green Deal funded project that aims to restore damaged wetlands across Europe and lay the foundations for protection across larger areas. WaterLANDS will utilise lessons learned from ongoing and existing restoration at 15 ‘Knowledge Sites’ across Europe to inform hands-on restoration at six ‘Action Sites’ in Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Restoration brings cultural renewal. In WaterLANDS we want art to be an integral part of creating and reflecting that renewal. We see art and science as complementary disciplines, which are both driven by curiosity and enquiry. They can provide different perspectives on restoration and give rise to unique collaborations. We are hosting an artistic engagement residency at each of the six Action Sites. The residency will require each artist to reflect on the journey of their Action Site, engage communities, increase awareness of the importance of restoration and help to create and share knowledge across the project and beyond.

The Great North Bog, United Kingdom, is one of the WaterLANDS Action Sites. We are looking for artists to engage with the site, the restoration team and the project more broadly, on a part-time basis (approximately one month annually for four years from 2023 to 2026).

The aim is for the artist to reflect on the ongoing restoration at the site, as well as broader social processes, by interacting with relevant stakeholders and communities. This will culminate with an exhibition at the final project event in 2026, where accounts of the six artistic engagements will be exhibited in varied forms.

Deadline for applications is 13 January 2023.

Full details of what is offered, expected, and how to apply are contained in the WaterLANDS artist engagement residency brief for the United Kingdom.