EU Green Deal Call 7.1 Cluster

WaterLANDS is one of four projects which have been funded under H2020 Green Deal Call 7.1 Restoring Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. The four projects have been strongly encouraged to collaborate and to undertake coordinated activities, including for dissemination. All four projects are directed at the upscaling of restoration and have an emphasis, but varying focus, on stakeholder engagement, governance and finance. The three other projects in the cluster are MERLIN, REST-COAST and SUPERB.


MERLIN is examining restoration opportunities related to rivers and catchments. It has 17 case studies with €10m directed towards restoration. One of these case studies is the Danube floodplain, with another being branches of the Rhine in the Netherlands.


REST-COAST is examining restoration opportunities related to coastal environments, including coastal wetlands, river/coast connectivity and dunes. The Project has 9 pilot studies, one of which is the Venice Lagoon, with another located on the Ems-Dollard Estuary.


SUPERB is examining restoration opportunities related to forests. The project has identified 12 demonstration areas. There is strong collaboration potential with their WP4: Finance (Mechanisms and Stakeholders), especially in relation to jointly proposing landscape-level investible propositions.