Maria Nalbantova (Dragoman Marsh, Bulgaria)


Maria Nalbantova lives and works in Sofia. She is working in the field of contemporary art, experimenting with various media and techniques such as: collage, objects, installation, video and photography. In her artistic practice she explores social and political topics, often reacting to specific spaces where the context of the place and its characteristics are the main line in a site-specific approach to the work. Other times, a story from a particular place results in a work of art with found objects or materials, photographs or archives, becoming part of the visual material. In her residency with WaterLANDS, Nalbantova will explore life in Dragoman Marsh and the surrounding areas. Her observations of the “Karst Interconnections” will be expressed through drawing, collage, photography, video, audio recordings and sculpture which will act as built installations that immerse the viewer in a multi-layered history of living together with nature.