Photograph by LIFE IP Wild Atlantic Nature: Cloudy skies over Lough Allen, Co. Leitrim.

WaterLANDS was well represented at the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Conference held in Crete on 10-14 October 2022, with partners LIFE IP Wild Atlantic Nature chairing a session which included a presentation from project Coordinator Craig Bullock.

In his presentation, Craig explored the idea of drawing on local socio-ecological and land use knowledge for the co-design of restoration. Following Craig, a number of interesting presentations centred around the theme of co-design with communities and scientists to achieve successful restoration outcomes.

As session chair, Gary Goggins of LIFE IP WAN concluded with a discussion on how conservation and restoration of wetlands in Ireland can be improved through results-based approaches.

The aim of the ESP Conference was to highlight pathways for involving diverse societal groups in ecosystem service science, policy and practice.

Besides the participation of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, the conference further invited the general public, activist communities and civil society organizations to participate in the conference discussions.

Events and sessions such as discussion forums and world cafes were organised with diverse groups in mind.