17 Feb 2024 - 17 Feb 2024


(in the time of the end?)

Performance of words, sounds and images

A day-long event organised by P.E.R. Venezia Consapevole in which the languages of the arts, science, philosophy and civil society will be invited to discuss the theme.

One lives as long as one inhabits: inhabiting and living are the same. Dwelling is the action that encompasses all human actions: residing, working, enjoying oneself, playing, searching, thinking, etc. Travelling is also a mode of inhabiting. Both are in turn modes of wandering: human beings are originally wandering, nomadic. How do these two modes of wandering fit in with the exceptional times we are living in?

The theme Inhabiting/Travelling as two different ways of continuing to wander is the thread running through a sequence of events taking place on the same day.

The event will take place in Venice from 9:30am - 6pm.

Eleonora Sovrani will represent We are here Venice and WaterLANDS at the event. She will present the citizen science project Giants of the Lagoon: an educational journey to rediscover the importance of salt marshes.

Other local organisations will also participate in the event.

Photo by Eleonora Sovrani, We are here Venice.