Applications are invited for a temporary post of Research Administrative Assistant within UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy.

An Administrative Assistant is sought for the EU project WaterLANDS (Water-based solutions for carbon people and wilderness) which will contribute to the restoration of wetlands sites across Europe and lay the foundations for future protection of these vital habitats. WaterLANDS will undertake hands-on restoration of specific wetland sites and create best practice models that can be applied to other sites. The project will work with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that wetland restoration results in social and economic as well as environmental benefits. This high-profile five-year project is led by University College Dublin and brings together 32 organisations, research, industry, government and non-profit sectors in 14 European countries. The position of Administrative Assistant will support the project management in collecting information on work package progress, logistics and financial matters. The appointee will:

  • Assist with ensuring that the overall project operates efficiently in terms of systems, programme and EU reporting requirements.
  • Liaise with work packages on progress, reporting, meetings and scheduling.
  • Support the financial reporting requirements of the project.
  • Assist with logistics, including arrangements for meetings and events.
  • Contribute to regular updates to internal partners and the wider European Commission.

Photo by Artemis Photography.