The Mediterranean region is a biodiversity hotspot that supports over 510 million people. This area is warming 20% faster than the global average, causing challenges for these fragile ecosystems, and for the people and animals who live there.

The following video outlines special features of the Mediterranean region, as well as challenges that it faces and important ways that we can act to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Expand your Knowledge

To dive deeper into the issues regarding Mediterranean wetlands, here are two recent policy papers that are essential to understand why these vital Mediterranean wetland ecosystems are disappearing, and how healthy wetlands can solve the multifaceted environmental and climate crises. These advocacy papers guide decision makers at all levels on how to activate the transformative changes that are now required to scale up wetland ecosystem conservation and restoration.

Wetland Ecosystem Advocacy Paper (2022)

Wetland-based Solutions Policy Paper (2022)

The Mediterranean wetland ecosystem mapping and assessment report (2022) highlights the importance the establishment of a Pan-Mediterranean harmonised wetland ecosystem knowledge base and a wetland biodiversity assessment to support regional and national inventories as a crucial step towards building a baseline of understanding on the spatial extent, distribution, and state of wetlands at a regional scale.