Photograph by Yorkshire iCASP: a lively discussion at the UK Action Site stakeholder engagement workshop.

Representatives from organisations interested in peatland restoration took part in the first WaterLANDS stakeholder engagement workshop jointly hosted by Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) with the Great North Bog. The aim of the workshop was to discuss how the WaterLANDS project can support the Great North Bog in delivering upscaled solutions for peatland restoration across Northern England.

As WaterLANDS is seeking to apply a community-led paradigm of stakeholder engagement and co-creation for restoration, Yorkshire iCASP aims to involve representatives of organisations with practical knowledge of UK peatlands to join them in developing the project at the UK Action Site.

There were lively discussions amongst the group about needs, opportunities and concerns related to peatland restoration. It is anticipated thatthese will help influence the England Peat Strategy.

Follow up workshops will be held to discuss the next stages of the project.

Richard Grayson, WaterLANDS Action Site Coordinator and iCASP Impact Translation Fellow, said: “It was a really useful workshop. We had representatives from a wide range of organisations, all very passionate about peatland restoration. They were enthusiastic about how WaterLANDS can support the Great North Bog actions and gave us invaluable feedback.”

Richard recently took part in the WaterLANDS knowledge replication workshop hosted by Prospex Institute in Arles, France to discuss examples of successful community engagement. This also included a site visit to the Marais du Vigueirat Nature Reserve in the Camargue hosted by Tour du Valat.