More than 350 people involved in the conservation of wetland ecosystems met at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw from 5-7 February 2023 to mark the 52nd anniversary of the Ramsar Convention.

Delegates represented a diverse range of backgrounds, from academics associated with different disciplines, to practitioners of wetland protection and restoration from NGOs, farmers, community workers and public administration staff.

During the conference, 71 papers were delivered, 30 poster presentations (including one about the WaterLANDS project) were given, and a number of panel and workshop discussions were held. The session was preceded by a field trip to the Kampinos wetlands, which are part of the Knowledge Site Wetlands around Warsaw. Almost 400 people took part.

The events combined knowledge with practice and celebrating together, all in a wetland atmosphere.

As part of the joint conference declaration, delegates adopted a statement that identifies wetlands as key natural areas whose protection and restoration are essential to avert the global climate-ecological crisis and to ensure a secure future for people and sustainable access to environmental resources.

The signed pact is available here.

The main organisers of the events were the Centrum Ochrony Mokradel (Wetlands Conservation Centre) and the University of Warsaw, the Polish partners of the WaterLANDS project.