Giants of the Lagoon is a participatory experience created as part of the WaterLANDS project that invites the exploration of the Venice lagoon in a movement of approaching the observed subject: from the observation of the landscape, through the use of binoculars, to the observation of even the smallest elements that can be found in the soil thanks to a magnifying glass.

The project aims to emphasize the value of each individual element in relation to all others in a holistic view, inviting new perspectives which are essential for knowing and taking care of our surroundings.

The educational project was carried out in Winter/ Spring 2023 by We are here Venice, the Department of Environmental Sciences of Wageningen University and the Giancarlo Ligabue Natural History Museum of Venice.

The presentation of the project at the Museum of Natural History was held on Saturday, May 27, where students animated the day with experiments and games. An exhibition of the students' work curated by We are here Venice was also presented, together with a video documenting the students' excursions.


The event, included in the EU Green Week 2023 program, aimed to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living.

Photos and text provided by Eleonora Sovrani, Artistic Director at We are here Venice

Find out more about We are here Venice and the work they are doing to protect the Venice lagoon.