Photography by Eleonora Sovrani, We are here Venice: Touring the Salt Marsh.

We are here Venice, lead partner for the Venice Lagoon Action Site, has been working hard to start bringing together the different interest groups and stakeholders that are most relevant to and affected by the project.

In September, We are here Venice hosted WaterLANDS partner Wageningen University for five days. Over the course of the visit, they showed them the area of the central Venice Lagoon where the Action Site is situated, and introduced them to key project stakeholders, ranging from principal institutional stakeholders to the Natural History Museum, community-focused cultural associations and local repositories of informal knowledge.

The constructive, landscape scale ambition of the WaterLANDS initiative has been met by healthy curiosity and is triggering new approaches to knowledge sharing and information dissemination. This, in turn, helps consolidate the foundations for participative co-design of salt marsh reconstruction in future.